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Welcome to RA Quality Construction

We are a family-owned company with a great reputation for building quality homes in the Okanagan Valley. Our philosophy is to ensure we dedicate the same care and attention to each home we build as if it was our own.

We guarantee both our high-quality workmanship and honour the price quoted on all our projects. To ensure the most professional experience for our clients we only work with reputable and qualified tradesmen who truly care about their workmanship.

We assist you in your Home building project in a number of different ways. Here are just some examples:

  1. General contractor for your home project. We give you a written guaranteed price. We find this option works well for those individuals who already lead busy lives. You will receive an invoice at different stages of completion to allow you to budget effectively.
  2. Supervision management for your home all the way up to Lock Up Stage. This allows you to save money by completing the rest of the home yourself and avoiding the fees associated with a general contractor.
  3. Land Development for your project. We will work with Architects, Environmental engineers, Civil, and City Staff to ensure your land development project is a success. Having carried out many development projects in Kelowna, we have the experience, foresight, and connections to get the job completed on a timely basis
  4. Consulting. Building the wrong product for the area or setting the wrong price for your building project can lead to financial disaster. Leaving money on the table is a common in a rising market pricing your product too low.. RA Construction has 25 years of local market knowledge which can help your project be a success story. We have two licenced realtors on staff.